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Dandelion capers.


  • 330g picked and cleaned dandelion buds. That's about 360g of picked dandelions buds with a bit of stalk ( Pick them at sun down when they start to close up for the day or first thing in the morning.)

  • 580g white wine vinegar

  • 21g salt

  • 30g brown sugar - caster is ok as well

  • 3 bay leaves

  • 10 whole black pepper corns

  • 1 1lt mason jar or any other container you want to keep them in.


First go out and pick a heap of dandelion buds it's about a 2lt pot worth.

Pick the buds that are closed this happens in the evening time or first thing in the morning.

Make sure you pick the buds where you know haven't been sprayed with any pesticides or near any busy roads.

Once you have your buds you will need to take off any access stalk and the little leaves making a star shape at the base of the bud off. Leaving you with a neat and tidy little flower bud.

This is what you're cleaned dandelion bud will look like.

Now you will need to wash them to get rid of any dirt or any thing nasty. To do this fill up a pot with cold water and submerge the buds in the water mixing gently with your hands. Then strain them and repeat that possess 3 times.

Leave them to strain on the side while you prepare your salty pickle mix.

Boil sugar, vinegar, salt, pepper and bay leaves.

Place your strained dandelion buds into a sterilised 1lt jar or any other container you want to keep them in and pour over your boiling pickle mixture.

These want to float to the top while the mix is cooling down don't stress I just put a small piece of plastic wrap and push them down a bit. Once the are cold put the lid on and leave for about 2 weeks minimum. After that they are good to go. They will keep for a good while in a dark cool place.

Enjoy them on anything you would usually add a caper to or use them as a salty sour seasoning.

Their amazing. Enjoy!


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