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Elderflower Gin


Well it's that time of year when everything is blossoming, days are getting longer & we all get a little craving for the taste of the summer that lingers just around the corner.

However, we all want the summer to last a little longer so why not capture it in a glass?

To make this super easy infusion all you really need is your favourite gin, a jar or something to store it in & some elderflower. That's it!

Elderflower gin

500ml of your favourite gin

about 20 heads of elderflower

''optional few tsp of suger'' brings out some more of it's sweetness.

First things first. prepare your elderflower by taking the flowers off the stem with a fork the best you can.

place the flowers into a jar then top up with your gin. Add your sugar now if you want it a little sweeter.

Close the jar and give it a good shake then leave aside for 2 to 3 days.

After a few days strain the gin through a fine sieve into a new jar or bottle.

The elderflower gin is now ready to drink.

I would recommend this gin to be used the same as how you would normally use gin. It also makes a mean thirst quenching Gin & Tonic.


Always drink responsibly.


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