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Elderflower vinegar.


500g organic white vinegar

20 heads of ripe elderflowers picked off the stalk

2tbs of organic unrefined cane sugar


Mix all of the ingredients in a jar or container of your choice and give it a good shake.

place some cling film over the infusion so it wont oxidise. Then screw on a lid.

Leave for a month in a dark cool place.

After a month strain the vinegar into a new container or jar. Then store in a cool dark place.

This is ready to use any time now.


I made this a few weeks ago as a little test and I am so glad I did.

This little vinegar has such a strong elderflower taste and it lingers in the mouth long after you taste it. So pleased with this recipe!!

The only thing I will change next time I make this (Next year as they are all turning into berries now) will be making a much bigger batch. I'm talking 5lt batch this stuff is delicious.

Perfect on it's own on your favourite salad leaf or herb.



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