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Strawberries macerated in elderflower.

Easiest recipe you will ever make.

500g fresh organic strawberries

2tbs sugar

2tbs water

5 elderflower heads picked

tiny pinch of salt

In a small sauce pan bring to a boil the sugar, salt and water.

Once boiled take off the heat and add your picked elderflower heads.

leave aside to cool while you prepare the strawberries.

Pick off the green bit of the strawberry then give your strawberries a quick wash under some cold water and strain just to get rid of any dirt or even some unexpected bugs.

Cut the strawberries in half and place in a serving bowl.

Pour over the elderflower syrup and stir it in. Set it aside for about 10 minutes before eating.

Serve this with literally anything!


Don't put strawberries in the fridge they lose heaps of their flavour and sweetness. Your just going to have to eat them the day you get them.


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